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About Auto-B-Craft

Willis & Beverly Broekema
Auto-B-Craft is family owned and operated. Willis and Beverly Broekema have been long time residents of Tuolumne County. They are both active in the community through Sierra Bible Church, as well as the Tuolumne County Museum. Willis has been involved in the collision repair industry for more than 45 years. During this time, he has successfully started five different shops. All of which are still going strong and are very successful today.

Beverly’s background is in the insurance field. Spending the last 25 years handling automobile accident claims for the Automobile Club.

Together they make up a team that can handle your every need with regards to an accident. All of our customers are treated with the concern and respect they deserve. Many shops act like it’s a privilege for you, the customer, to have your car repaired at their shop.

At Auto-B-Craft, we strongly feel that it is a privilege, for US to be able to repair your vehicle.

George Broekema
In July of 1997, Willis and Beverly imported their son, George, from Southern California. He has been a fine addition to the shop. Growing up in the collision repair industry, George learned well from his father. Experience from actually performing the work himself, all the way up to managing a large repair shop with 25 employees.

His specialties include customer service and marketing. While being especially sensitive to the needs of customers, he has also perfected the entire claims handling process. Often able to turn a difficult situation into a “somewhat” enjoyable experience.

“In So. California, I learned how precious Quality and Service are to people. At Auto-B-Craft, these are the two standards of which I will never compromise.”

Our Goal
“That Someday Auto-B-Craft Will Be Known As The #1 Collision Repair Facility In Tuolumne County.”

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